5 Steps To Improve Your Mediumship Abilities

What are the benefits of opening spirit-centric gifts?

The short list:

  • Connecting spirit will make you feel more grounded, stable, and secure in your own life.

  • By tapping into the wisdom of Spirit to gain a greater sense of what you want to create, you can make a bigger difference in the world.

  • Connecting with Spirit will provide you with deep wisdom and guidance about your path, and with this wisdom, could change the nature of your entire life.

  • Connecting with Spirit will assist you in cleaning up old issues in your life - your Guides will help you identify emotions and situations you can let go of

  • Connecting with Spirit assist you in understanding others and yourself in a more compassionate way – you'll be able to view yourself and your experiences with more objectivity

  • You'll able to tune into the same wisdom that all mediums get, to help you discover what activities, careers, diets, exercise, and artistic paths are best for you

The very act of you reading this article means that you are ready to begin connecting with spirit. In fact, you may be more ready than you think. You may have even begun to enter the first stages of connecting with spirit and awakening your gifts. 

Perhaps coincidences have started to happen, books may have found themselves in your path, or you’ve started meeting some very interesting people.

You enjoy learning, opening up to new knowledge, and consider yourself the creative type. You are a honest person who can recognize higher wisdom when they see it, and you possess dedication and enthusiasm for life. 

You're in-tune with the needs of others, compassionate, and have the ability to see the ‘true soul’ behind all people's masks. 

These are qualities that make you naturally open to connecting with Spirit. 

NOW it is time to learn the tools to connect.

To begin connecting with Spirit, and follow these steps: 

The 5 Steps of Opening Your Spiritual Gifts

1. Set an Intention

In order to get what you want, it’s important for you to identify what that is.

What is the purpose for you to develop your spiritual gifts. To have a better idea of your soul’s purpose? To gain access to Divine Guidance whenever you want it? Do you want to connect with Angels, Guides, or Deceased Loved ones on the Other Side? Do you want to teach others? Do you want to help people heal with spiritual assistance? Do you want to intuitively read others? Do you simply want to remove self-doubt and fear?

Whatever your intention is, write it down, and officially decide for yourself. Your Spirit Guides and Angels will then know what they can do to help you best move forward. 

2. Release your Doubts

Many of us believe that we don’t have the ability to connect with Spirit or to have intuitive abilities. We all have intuitive abilities, however, if you are anything like me, you were taught growing up – to not trust the intuitive information you received.

Walked in on a fight between your parents, and told that everything was just fine when it clearly wasn’t? You questioned yourself then. Thought a classmate was mean and a teacher told you to be a friend anyway? In that moment, you went against your own guidance to please another.  Got a fishy feeling from someone who asked you on a date, then turns out they actually were fishy?

We're receiving intuitive information from people all the time. Learning how to trust it is where we must begin. 

3. announce that you're Open to Receive

Once you have decided that you intend to open up your spiritual gifts and that you trust the information that you receive, let everyone know you are open for business. Many Guides will hold off on someone's development until explicit permission to begin is given. This is done to assure the utmost respect for your boundaries is always held. 

Verbally tell the Universe that you are ready and willing to connect. 

4. Learn How to Protect Yourself

While many beings and energies you will encounter on your journey will be positive, loving and compassionate, this won’t always be the case. You may encounter lower energies – and for this it’s important to learn how to protect, shield, and release these energies from yourself. 

5. Build a Foundation of Knowledge

Read any and all books you can find on the subjects that interest you.

Seek out like-minded people, friends, and co-workers.

Join a message board, a class, or a development group.

Sign up for courses, either online or in person.

Do something intuitive every day.

As you continue to develop your knowledge, you will begin to explore on the variety of ways that your spiritual gifts could manifest – perhaps you are skilled at connecting with Spirit Guides or Angels, maybe you are a skilled card reader or begin working with oracle cards or a pendulum. 

Explore psychometry, numerology, tarot, channeling, reiki, shamanistic healing, or scrying - 

Be intuitively guided. 


Try these Steps to Unleash Your Mediumship Abilities!

  1. More importantlyrealize that spirits that wish to come to you are already nearby just waiting to communicate. Usually they will not want to intrude into your space but are attracted to you by your natural Mediumistic light. This light is contained within your aura.Because mediums give off a special light, you might have several spirits around you at any given time and then they move on. Don’t let this worry you. This is a normal for developed mediums.

  2. To add to this, meditate daily. And, don’t forget to erect an impenetrable shield of white light around you. This allows only spirits of the light to come in. Also, take some time in your meditation to alert any spirits that want to visit, that you are now open to them. Additionally, let them know they are welcome guests and you are open to their energy.

  3. Specifically, concentrate and notice which psychical sense seems most activated, for example, do you clearly see the spirit in your mind’s eye?

  4. Ultimately, when you feel the *message is complete acknowledge the spirit, thank them, and say goodbye to that particular spirit. Be firm about this.

It’s Vital that You Close the Session

When you are finished with the session, let any other spirits standing-by know that you are done for the day. Now gently release your concentration, clear and reset your energy field, ground again, and journal your experiences.

Do these Simple Steps Once a Day to Unleash Mediumship Abilities

Doing these simple steps once a day will significantly increase your psychic senses. It will also open you wider for the purpose of enhanced spirit communication. In no time, you’ll become more adept at forging a natural, safe, and immediate link to the spirit world.

*Note: If a message perhaps comes through for someone you casually know, think carefully about sharing the visitation. Believe or not, some people are not open to receiving messages from their departed loved ones. Be discerning.

Jan 20th, 2020