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I had a reading  with Vito and it was very enlighting!

Over the years, I've seen many different psychics and Vito is by far the best hands down. He was very attentive to me and he took his time to help me see through my thoughts and concerns. He helped to reassure me of what my spirit has been telling me all along. I thank God for the blessing! I will continue to pray for my miracles and favors to shine upon my life.


Vito is fantastic! I have used the same readers for over 30 years, but now age has caught up with them! I am now in Florida and wanted a reading in person. I just returned today from my second wonderful reading with Vito. He told me very deep spiritual things that will improve my life. He is very accurate and on top of that, he is the sweetest, most generous Psychic. Plus, he is like my older readers, accurate, warm and reasonable!

Oct 9, 2014 by PARKER SMART

My reading with him went fantastic! I have no complaints. He was friendly, easy to find, and accurate. Thank you! 

posted on Aug 6, 2014 by KAITLIN SCHULTZ

Vito LaNave is amazing! I lost my partner a year ago and I was desperately needing confirmation that he was still with me in spirit. Vito was able to channel messages from my partner.  The reading was 100% accurate. My sadness has turned into joy. Mr. Vito is kind, sensitive and gifted!

May 20, 2014 by CETREMIA ROBERTS

The Mediumship Chronicles: All Aboard “The Ship of Life” Part 1

Posted on June 27th, 2014 by Minnie's List of Metaphysical South Florida in Becoming Enlightened: The Journey of Tri.

[ Ring Ring ]

“Hello, you’ve reached Reverend Vito LaNave psychic-medium sorry I…”  well, guess I missed him, I’ll try back in a few!

[Beep Beep]

I looked down at the caller ID and it's him, showtime!  So I clicked over and I was greeted with a booming salutation that sounded visually like the silky smoke ascending from a cognac dipped cigar; heavy yet light as air.  Panic marched across my face remembering last night's botched research when my Kindle went on the fritz while reading his book “Meta Power” .  It seemed the making of a comedic disaster but I grabbed my proverbial metaphysical #M.A.P. and jumped right in the deep end of the murky water relying on the skills. I’ve learned on this journey to become enlightened! 

Born Vito LaNave to a mother already into spiritualism which helped shape him (or better yet) shipped him on his life’s journey by naming him just that.  Vito LaNave means the “ship of life” in Italian and although we didn’t discuss her abilities, my guess is she had her own premonitions by giving him a name he would soon come to define.  Here’s how a proper-noun became a sentence with soulful meaning.

On the other end of the line, Rev. Vito LaNave spoke with a commanding no-nonsense tone as the information poured out like a vibrational waterfall.   Reassuring  me “there is no such thing as a stupid question” after sensing my intimidation.   “I was 14 years old”  he said, “and my teacher Rev. Mae Merritt York… dates back to the 1800’s”  sharing the stories of the long gone days as a youngster that borderline that of “The Great and Powerful OZ”.  


There were flying trumpets and ghostly voices in the shadow.  Rev. LaNave explains how “that sort of weaned in the 1960’s” to our modern-day interpretations of mediumship.  It really sounded like a metaphysical school of hard-knock training that I don’t believe can be duplicated today.

As a young man with a powerful gift of spiritual energy healing and grit, Rev. LaNave packed his bags and headed out to orient studying at the Manchester Center School of Metaphysics in Hong Kong. In those days, Hong-Kong was still part of the British empire before ceded back to China.  He never said if it was good or bad but with his moxy he continued fulfilling his destiny packing his bags and heading out for more adventures leading him to the metaphysical healing land of India.  


There he followed Yogi Sathya Sai Baba* for eight months and continued learning at various schools along his way back state-side.  Little did he know, that coming back to join the “moral majority” would almost take his life.  "Life’s buoyant Vessel” was lost at sea and drifting away, but to where?

In my next blog, We will find out how Captain Rev. Vito LaNave discovered his #M.A.P. and navigated his ship through tough times.  More than that, he also shares a story so epic its made from the stuff of fiction so tune-in to your next newsletter from Minnies’s List.  As always, I want to thank you for journeying with me on my quest for knowledge in the metaphysical world.  Also, please share and forward to your friends/social network whilst remembering to “Like” the post.  Lastly, I am not mistaken when I say: 

The world is yours,


PS. “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat”  (fortune favors the bold!)

#M.A.P. #Metaphysics  #SathySaiBaba

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** Sathya Sai Baba

The Mediumship Chronicles: All Aboard “The Ship of Life” Part 2

Posted on June 30th, 2014 by Minnie's List of Metaphysical South Florida in Becoming Enlightened: The Journey of Tri.


In the last blog, we discussed Rev. Vito LaNave’s earlier years with an amazing gift for metaphysical healing and his young life in the profession learning lessons along the way to change his frequency.  His intentions were pure but although he “had the gift of helping people” he was “not helping myself” he explained.  Today, we press on in his spiritual energy healing journey and how he hit a wall…. scaled lit… and continued on his metaphysical way! In this post, we will go into what actually helped him and set forth his trajectory sailing into his purpose for being  “The Ship of Life.”

Like any other impetuous young adult he experienced turmoil in his 20’s and 30’s before becoming “spiritually fit” through meditation.  Highlighting the great importance and responsibility to oneself for making it a practice that he attributes to his “complete reversal after age 40.”   Rev. Vito explains the meditation misconceptions and the many forms it can take like “walking on the beach… They’re really meditating.”  “If you wanna activate your life in a certain direction and so forth you must.”  By this time, we became very comfortable with each other and our discussion was free-flowing and most enjoyable! A wise man was throwing gems he collected over a lifetime and I was just following behind picking them up.  When he decided to open the gates and give a crown jewel of achievement and wonder.

In the 80’s, When the medical profession was ignoring the AIDS epidemic he explained how he and his friends actually had a farm in The Poconos Mountains for refuge.  They were taking groups upon groups up to the mountains to work on alternative treatments.  Rev. Vito’s voice hinted of the past despair and desperation of a time!  I could even hear him shrugging his shoulders still in disbelief when admitting the horrors that “people where falling in the streets of New York dying of AIDS and nobody wanted to treat them!”  So his spiritual energy healing team herded the infected bunch and headed-up the mountain to save their lives and equip them with the tools of alternate healing methods and healing meditation.  They then came back down that “Mount Olympus” to share and teach the secrets of the gods.  On one trip up to the Poconos to save lives the gods ended up returning the favor.

“All my life I’ve known that spirits existed and had alot of power… I was driving with my wife around the outer-belt of Baltimore.  Traveling north at that time because I was looking to go up into the Poconos Mountains." (By this time my breath slowed to a scarce, making sure I heard every syllable slipping out his lips.)  When “a herd of deers came out of the woods…jumped over the tether dividing the six lane highway then they occupied the entire interstate.  Cars started hitting their brakes and smashing each other and I looked at my wife and said, THIS IS IT!”


“Then….” Rev. Vito continued “ I saw this one big Indian sitting in the center on the console of my car…. “Many Feathers” who’s one of my spiritual guides… carries a big coup stick… took that stick and [Banged] it on the floor of the car.  The next thing we knew… all the cars were piled up [behind us] and we were past the deers.” At this point, I was looking at my phone in awe with goosebumps and gratitude for hearing a miracle! 


You can access the full interview version on Minnie’s List website!  As always, I want to thank you for journeying with me on my quest for knowledge in the metaphysical world.  Also, please share and forward to your friends/social network whilst remembering to “Like” the post.  Don’t forget:

The world is yours,


Ps. Rev Vito shared in our meeting:  “If you don’t go within, you go without” from Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God.

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